USB Image Tool 1.63

December 18th, 2013

The new version makes the device selection more persistent, when device changes are detected by Windows. In previous versions, the currently selected device lost the selection focus, when a new device was plugged in or a device was removed. Additionally, the file format for MD5 hashes has been standardized. The new version can be found in the download section.

USB Image Tool 1.62

May 26th, 2013

Version 1.62 fixes a small bug, that occured, after Restore has finished successfully. When list view focus was lost during the restore process, the application exited with an exception.

USB Image Tool 1.61

March 5th, 2013

New version 1.61 fixes a bug, that caused an access violation at the end of a backup to zip-compressed images. It also adds the option to use user-defined date/time formats for the file name suggestion. At the end of an restore operation, a rescan of all devices is now performed automatically.

USB Image Tool 1.60

February 21st, 2013

After almost a year, the new USB Image Tool version comes with new features, that have been asked for. The first thing you might notice: USB Image Tool asks for admin rights already at startup. I changed that, because in most cases people want to make backups or restores in device mode. To manually start USB Image Tool with admin rights was confusing, even with that point mentioned first in the FAQ.

The second major change is, that USB Image Tool now supports non-removable USB devices. You can now make backups of your USB hard drives or special card readers.

The third change worth a special announcement is the new Reset-Button. It will overwrite the bootsector of the selected device with zeroes. This will cause Windows to reformat the device with it’s original size (USB Image Tool doesn’t do it). This should answer the questions, how to regain the original device size, after you have written a smaller image to a larger device.

There are more things that have been changed and fixed, which can be found in the changelog.

If you used parts of USB Image Tool in your own projects, please be aware of changed usbit32.dll export functions and license.txt. Projects with official permission to use usbit32.dll are atv-win, Raspbmc, and XBian. If you are using parts of USB Image Tool and your project is not listed here (or I missed your project in my mail archive), please contact me via email, comment or forum post.

Download USB Image Tool 1.60

USB Image Tool 1.59

April 22nd, 2012

This version fixes the error message in device mode, when restoring an image that is not a multiple of 512 Bytes. These images can now be written in device mode as well. The problem came up with the new Debian Image for the Raspberry Pi. Thanks to user zoltan for reporting that issue.


Update: Seems like I forgot to upload the new file. This should be fixed now.

Forum user rights fixed

April 1st, 2012

Thanks to user Lewpy it came to my attention, that registered users couldn’t post in the new forum. For some reason registered users had fewer rights than newly registered users, which were disabled by default. All registered user should now be able to post new topics and replies as well.

USB Image Tool 1.58

October 8th, 2011

Version 1.58 fixes a bug in the gzip image size check and the detail info of the command line tool. Additionally you can now activate a completion message after a successful backup/restore.

Update 1: Version 1.58 seems to have an issue with the usbit32.dll. I will look into this as soon as possible.

Update 2: Looks like the first version didn’t work on Windows XP machines. This should be fixed now. The version still remains 1.58.

New support forum

July 30th, 2011

After struggling with all the disadvantages of bbPress and constantly broken permalinks I have decided to switch to phpBB3 for the new support forum. The link to the new forum is The old forum will still be accessible for a while. I will move all relevant content to either the FAQ or the new forum. The rest including the old forum users will be deleted afterwards. For now the link to the old forum is

USB Image Tool 1.57/1.56

October 1st, 2010

The new version fixes some problems with the creation of large zip files by implementing new versions of zlib (1.2.5) and minizip (1.1). Additionally to version 1.56, it uses 64 bit functions for zip file handling. This should fix the issue with broken zip files. When working with zip files, updating to 1.57 is strongly recommended.

USB Image Tool 1.55

February 2nd, 2010

The new version fixes two technical issues. The first one is the error code 3 (“The system cannot find the path specified”), that occured when you tried to restore your backup image after using your flash drive with the atv patchstick creator. Windows couldn’t detect the volume on the flash drive, resulting in an empty volume path. Locking this path failed and resulted in the error. This should be fixed with this version.

The second fix prevents USB Image Tool from restoring invalid images in device mode. A valid device mode image has to be multiple of 512. If that’s not the case, the write operation will fail with error code 87 close to the end of the process. To prevent this, USB Image Tool now checks, if the image file size is a multiple of 512.