USB Image Tool 1.67

USB Image Tool 1.67 now detects the media insertion/removal for media for card readers and provides volume tags for the automatic file name suggestion. I also fixed a bug that sometimes showed Code: 0 as last Windows error code. On the technical side with this version I switched to VS2013 and .NET 4.0 (previous versions were still built with VS2010 and .NET 3.5). Minimum required OS is still Windows XP.


  • “added: show hardware id string (vendor & product id) & volume serial”

    Awesome! Thank you for adding the “Volume Serial” number. I was going to add this as a feature request.

    Great work!

  • You know what would be some handy info? Adding an API to see if the device is Write Protected.

    BOOL _IsDeviceWriteProtected(UINT nDeviceID);

    Just another idea 🙂

    • @Andy: Thanks for your feedback. Please note, that using the usbit32.dll directly for your application requires my permission (please see license.txt – “Portions of this software are not be used in other projects without prior permission.”) and also the post on Version 1.60. I have opened the dll interface for three projects, but they have asked for my permission. If you have a project, you want to use the usbit32.dll for, please let me know.

  • Hi
    We have used USB Image Tool for a couple of years, and we thank you for a great program.

    After we updated to version 1.67 we have found that the program works properly in Windows 7 but will not work in Windows XP.

    Your advice would be appreciated.


    Rob & Lesley McCormick

  • @Alex I am just using it for a personal project… Nothing commercial or that will be distributed to anyone. I am using it to back up the hundreds of SD cards I have on hand.

    Anyway, I figured out how to do it without having to do too much work:

    DWORD dwFlags = 0;

    Also, whats the second DWORD in every Volume API? It looks like some sort of boolean value that’s always set to TRUE.

    • @Andy: If it’s just for personal use, it’s ok for me. Please don’t distribute it. That would be definitively violating the license. One of the reasons is, that I don’t want to document or support the API itself. It’s not for public use. (second DWORD is be the volume number in all GetVolume calls, don’t know what specific function you are refering to).

  • Hi Alex

    We’re thinking about adding useful links to our USB section, I wonder if you think this your USB Image Tool would be suitable.

    I’ve personally used a similar thing with a Ubuntu system some years ago.

  • My system (windows 10) says: Usbit32.dll not found, because there are errors unpacking the zip file. Sad, so what can I do? Is it a bug?

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