RHC Launcher


RHC Launcher is a tool to start the Rad Host Client, enable the connection to the PS2 and hide the Rad Host Client’s window. Because the Rad Host Client does not have the feature to minimize or hide itself, RHC Launcher can be used to do this at the startup of the computer. It also sends the IP to the edit field and simulates a return keystroke switch the Rad Host Client automatically on-line.

The Rad Host Client is a tool that provides PlayStation 2 applications, for example the Simple Media System, access to files on your PC. Rad Host Client and SMS were not written by me. I just wrote the RHC Launcher to make it more comfortable to use them. Information about the Rad Host Client or SMS can be found on www.ps2dev.org.


Download RHC Launcher (zip, 21 KB)


RHC Launcher must be started from the directory, where the “RadHostClient.exe” is located. It can be configured by an ini file (rhclauncher.ini) in the same directory. It contains the following parameters:

[RHC Launcher]
Client="Rad Host Client 1.8a"

Client – RHC Launcher searches for a window with this title
PS2 – the IP adress of the PS2 to connect with
Sleep – Rad Host Client’s startup time to wait for RHC launcher before searching the window