USB Image Tool 1.90
– fixed: volumes following an unknown partition type were not shown
– fixed: volume mode restore did not write to volume
– fixed: exception while canceling operation for quitting program
– added: task progess info (bytes/time written/remaining)
– added: integrity check to detect fake size information
– added: new option to show unknown partition types as hex code
– changed: internal versioning harmonized
– changed: log output in list view control

USB Image Tool 1.85
– fixed: updated to zlib 1.2.12 for security fix

USB Image Tool 1.84
– fixed: program closing when using backup + verify + zipped image

USB Image Tool 1.83
– fixed: invalid handle error when using backup + verify

USB Image Tool 1.82
– fixed: gzip size error message blocked device
– fixed: Unregister shell notifications exception on program closing
– added: zip files also shown for restore file dialog

USB Image Tool 1.81
– fixed: detection of non-removable USB devices on AMD chipsets

USB Image Tool 1.80
– fixed: display of volume name 2
– added: high DPI awareness support
– added: new high res logo donated by LunaticGasMonkey
– changed: .NET 4.7 (for GUI high DPI awareness)

USB Image Tool 1.76
– fixed: new line for each message in log window
– added: copy to clipboard for log window

USB Image Tool 1.75
– added: fix GPT size info after restore
– added: verify available for GUI
– added: reset available for command line utility
– added: visual styles only enabled when supported by OS (WinPE support: use -novs command line option)
– fixed: buffer block setting was not used
– fixed: volume locking/unlocking

USB Image Tool 1.74
– added: new option – initialize remaining space afte restore

USB Image Tool 1.73
– added: logging
– fixed: endless loop when removing a device
– fixed: exception copying empty debug log to clipboard

USB Image Tool 1.72
– fixed: invalid compressed imz images

USB Image Tool 1.71
– added: support for UASP based devices
– added: debug output for device scan
– fixed: devices were unlocked between restore and verify
– fixed: misleading error message

USB Image Tool 1.70
– fixed: scrolled output (command line tool)
– changed: .NET 4.0 (for GUI)

USB Image Tool 1.69
– fixed: favorite tab buttons were not visible

USB Image Tool 1.68
– fixed: back to .NET 3.5 for Windows XP compatibility

USB Image Tool 1.67
– added: rescan on media insertion/removal for card readers
– added: show hardware id string (vendor & product id) & volume serial
– added: volume tags for file name suggestions
– fixed: error messages sometimes didn’t show Windows last error code

USB Image Tool 1.66
– fixed: mandatory verify after backup (command line tool)

USB Image Tool 1.65
– added: Verify for command line tool
– fixed: MD5 path and file name
– fixed: file name in imz files
– fixed: file month in imz files

USB Image Tool 1.64
– fixed: CRLF for MD5 hash files

USB Image Tool 1.63
– fixed: device selection more persistent, when new devices are found
– changed: MD5 hash file format standardized

USB Image Tool 1.62
– fixed: exception after restore, when focus was lost in device view

USB Image Tool 1.61
– added: date/time format for file name suggestion
– changed: rescan devices after restore completed
– fixed: access violation when creating an zip-backup

USB Image Tool 1.60
– changed: always require admin rights to set device mode as default selection
– added: buffer size adjustable
– added: support for non-removable drives (USB HDD)
– added: reset device with empty boot sector for reformat
– added: accept Windows disk number (command line tool)
– added: scroll for piped output (command line tool)
– fixed: multi-threading locking
– fixed: cancellation message

USB Image Tool 1.59
– fixed: device mode check on file size

USB Image Tool 1.58
– fixed: size check on gzip images of 2 GiByte and above
– fixed: location info and serial number in command line tool
– added: optional completion message

USB Image Tool 1.57
– fixed: broken large zip files (using 64bit functions now)

USB Image Tool 1.56
– fixed: zip file compression (new zlib/minizip versions)

USB Image Tool 1.55
– fixed: error code 3 on Restore because of unknown file systems (atv-patchstick)
– fixed: error code 87 as a result of an invalid device image

USB Image Tool 1.54
– changed: Restore now allows shared read access on image file
– fixed: catch an exception for strange link open error

USB Image Tool 1.53
– added: truncate oversize images in device mode
– fixed: invalid characters in automatic file names
– changed: device mode is now default when available

USB Image Tool 1.52
– added: more detailed error messages

USB Image Tool 1.51
– fixed: invalid progress values caused GUI exception
– fixed: Remove favorites button was always disabled

USB Image Tool 1.50
– added: parallel operations on different flash drives
– added: progress information in command line utility
– added: show location information (Windows Vista or higher)
– added: optinal suggestion of the backup file name
– fixed: read errors due to wrong size information
– fixed: closing dialog had no effect on leaving the program
– fixed: show device serial number

USB Image Tool 1.42
– added: MD5 checksum creation

USB Image Tool 1.41
– fixed: “Error reading settings!” message

USB Image Tool 1.40
– fixed: compression routines for zip/imz files
– fixed: device mode without unplugging the device
– fixed: progress bar stopped to early on size differences
– added: compression routines for gzip files

USB Image Tool 1.31
– fixed: exception when device list focus was lost during file dialog
– fixed: restore of compressed images in device mode under Windows Vista
– added: check for corrupted zip files after backup is finished
– added: check for corrupted zip files before restore is performed

USB Image Tool 1.30
– added: device mode (supports bootable USB flash drives)
– fixed: compressed file name resolving in command line utility

USB Image Tool 1.28
– added: command line utility
– fixed: 64bit compatibility

USB Image Tool 1.27
– fixed: Windows Vista UAC issues again

USB Image Tool 1.26
– fixed: activated Windows Vista UAC caused detection errors

USB Image Tool 1.25
– added: rescan for USB devices
– changed: unknown volumes are not shown anymore

USB Image Tool 1.24
– fixed: some more interface issues fixed
– fixed: size check based on partition size
– changed: Windows 2000 not supported anymore

USB Image Tool 1.23
– fixed: switched to XZip 1.3 compression routines (bugfixes)
– fixed: device scan only when necessary
– fixed: Favorite Restore button was enabled during transfer

USB Image Tool 1.22
– fixed: device change caused errors during transfer operations
– fixed: progress bar did not move when compressing/decompressing
– added: serial number added to device information

USB Image Tool 1.21
– fixed: Windows Vista compatibility issues

USB Image Tool 1.20
– added: read/write compressed images

USB Image Tool 1.11
– fixed: button position when resizing

USB Image Tool 1.10
– added: favorite images management