USB Image Tool 1.68

With version 1.67 I switched to .NET 4.0, but somehow this caused compatibility issues with Windows XP. I couldn’t figure out what exactly is the reason for this only happening on Windows XP, but for now I switched back to .NET 3.5 to retain Windows XP compatibility. I have to investigate this a little bit more.


  • It does nothing on my Windows Server 2012 R2 box. It fails to see my devices. If you want to log in via RDP, please contact me

  • Thx for great tool!

    Fix small bug in new version, plz: no Add/Restore/Remove buttons on favorites tab (Win7,8.1 x64). In version 1.62 all ok.

  • About two years ago I used your wonderful tool to make a backup of an ESXi 5.5 USB boot drive and it worked wonderfully. Last week I tried making another clone of a different ESXi 5.5 boot drive and the results on the new USB drive are 100% failures.

    I have made sure the clone to drive is a few K larger than the original USB drive.

    I have used 3 different brands of USB drives as the clone to drive and they all fail.

    Two years ago I was running Windows 7 Enterprise Edition and that is the same as what is on my PC now.

    I have disabled Kaspersky on a couple of PCs I was using to make the clone and that did not help. I even broke out the old laptop and disabled it’s Avast and it fails to make a usable clone. I have upgraded 3 different PCs to the newest version of your software and tried making a clone and they all fail.

    I acquired Rufus and wiped one of my clone to drives and just to be safe I am making another new backup and I will attempt creating a new clone but if that fails I believe I am running out of options.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and thank you

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