USB Image Tool 1.62

Version 1.62 fixes a small bug, that occured, after Restore has finished successfully. When list view focus was lost during the restore process, the application exited with an exception.


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  1. manuel Says:


  2. Antony Says:

    all ok

  3. Schneider Says:


  4. Heinz Says:

    Thanks. Really nice.
    Is there a way to include the Volume name in the file name?
    (output of “vol”)

  5. Alex Says:

    @Heinz: I will implement it with the next version.

  6. mackerThx. Says:


  7. Dieter R. Says:

    Hello Alex,

    thank you very much for this very useful tool. I love it, use it for backup my several USB-Sticks and SD-Cards. One question, is it possible to integrate a compression mechanism?

    Thanks again for this tool, it’s really great!

  8. Alex Says:

    @DieterR: That’s already possible. Just select another file type in the file dialog. There is imz (zip) and gzip compression available.

  9. maximus Says:

    great job

  10. igor Says:

    большое спасибо за ваш труд ваша программа очень помогла

  11. gamy ali Says:


  12. frantz Says:

    hi, everything is fine ; is it possible to use iso image instead of img files ?

  13. Alex Says:


    ISO files (images from CD/DVD) use a different file system (f.e. ISO9660, UDF) than image files for flash drives (f.e. FAT, FAT32)and usually can’t be used for flash drives. You can write them on a flash drive, but it won’t have the results, you probably expect. USB Image Tool doesn’t do any file system conversion, so most likely you won’t see the content of the ISO, when you write it on a flash drive.
    There exist special ISO files with a hybrid bootloader (usually Linux LiveCDs), that can be used on a flash drive and a CD/DVD, but unless stated otherwise, ISO files won’t work on a flash drive.

  14. zhuzhu5241 Says:

    Hello, can add a key recovery all disk function?

  15. Alex Says:

    @zhuzhu: I don’t quite understand the question.

  16. zhuzhu5241 Says:

    That means adding a radio or multiple choice or the select all button, because reducing mirror each only one.

  17. Alex Says:

    @zhuzhu: I’m currently working on a version, that will allow you to write one image to multiple devices in one step.

  18. mauro fabio Says:


  19. Franz Says:


  20. Jeff Says:

    Would be nice if the MD5 file would follow the UNIX standard, so the MD5 check can be executed by doubleclicking in Total Commander.

    Google: “07.12.04 Fixed: Changed MD5 checksum format to Unix standard: MD5 checksum, one space, an asterisk “*” indicating binary check, then the file name”

  21. Alex Says:

    @Jeff: I have noted this for the next version.

  22. tom Says:

    I am attempting to create a bootable Linux image from an img.gz file.
    The green completion bar say Restoring Image (618%) and increasing.
    Is this normal ?

  23. Alex Says:

    @tom: What is the size of the uncompressed image file? What version of USB Image Tool are you using? Percentages > 100 can only result in some miscalculation of file sizes.

  24. tom Says:

    Cockpit error – after some time the function completed. I was confused when it went past 100%.

  25. tom Says:

    @alex: 12.83GB and 1.62.

  26. Alex Says:

    @tom: That is the explanation. Gzip stores the original file size in a 32 bit field. This field can only hild upto 4GByte (which at the time of gzip creation was utopical). Because of that, the percentage calculation becomes wrong.

  27. JUHAX69X Says:

    Does this work with USB Internet Sticks (3G,4G)..??
    In other words: Can I backup firmware of Internet Stick and restore it, if needed..??
    Thank You.

  28. Alex Says:

    @HUHAX696X: No, the Tool does only backup tha mass storage part. The firmware is not accessible this way.

  29. eoe_1g Says:

    all ok

  30. Ruud Uphoff Says:

    Unable to restore an image to the same stick it came from. Message “The image file is too large”. is there a sulution?

  31. Alex Says:

    @Ruud: make sure, you make the restore in device mode. Please check file size and device size.

  32. Rackbrane Says:

    I’ve found 2 minor bugs in UsbImage 1.62.

    When backing up an 8GB flash drive and using gzip format, although the backup restores correctly, UsbImage does not realise that it has reached the end of the restore operation, and goes on processing way beyond 100%. I suspect this might go on indefinitely. I killed it off at 140%. This does not happen with zip format or uncompressed images.

    When a zip-compressed image is created, the .ima file inside the .imz is dated one month later than it should be. This is also true of the .ima file if subsequently unzipped.

    All my backups have been in device mode.

  33. Alex Says:

    @Rackbrane: Gzip file format has only a 32bit integer to store the original files size. For larger files the size isn’t correct. For that reason USB Image Tool can’t show the correct progress percentage. The issue with the incorrect month is under investigation. Thanks for giving feedback.

  34. Franz Says:

    alles OK.

  35. Gerd Says:

    I try to create a bootable Linux USB from an image which is proven to work. After restore I get the Error message “Could not write to the USB device (Code: 0)! Please close all open explorer windows for this device”

    However, no explorer Window is opened…. using Win7 .

    Any idea what is wrong here?

  36. Alex Says:

    @Gerd: This happens for some users, but I still haven’t find out the reason for that problem. You can use the workaround described here:

  37. Bert Says:

    Thank You

  38. hdw168 Says:


  39. Jas Says:

    Thanks for your work

  40. karthi Says:

    i don’t hw I download ths app to my pc

  41. Alex Says:

    @karthi: On the right side of the website is a link, that leads to the download page.

  42. SAYED HARIS Says:

    thanks……….please make the soft to restore to any drive in pc

  43. Alex Says:

    @Sayed: You can restore to any USB drive, other devices are intentionally not enabled for security reasons. I don’t want users to accidently overwrite their hard drives.

  44. Karin Says:

    Merci pour cet outil qui facilite la vie pour des personnes qui comme moi sont passionnées d’informatique. USB Image Tool est un bon logiciel qui dépanne bien.
    Un bon week end à vous et encore Merci.

  45. abuhafs Says:


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