• The program has a big problem. I have a thumb drive that is made with windows occupying 4 GB. Stick size is 8 GB. As do backup, backup is not 4 GB and the size of a stick! Please fix it.

  • No you misunderstood me, I’m not saying that the program is a problem, they are doing great but does img volume (on partition) and the whole stick. Please if there is a way and if you want to make this opportunity.

    • @Dian: Sorry, but it’s hard to understand, what your problem is. Do you mean, that the image is 8 GB, although you saved only 4 GB of data on it? In device mode, the image will always be the physical drive size.

  • Yes, that’s the problem. Stick is 8 GB. There are files of 4 GB. Get img program 8GB? Why. With HD Clone program is not. There on the flash drive which is 8 GB as is the case I have files of 4 GB and always get the image of 4 GB.

    • @Dian: In device mode, an uncompressed image will always have the same size in bytes as the physical drive has. It isan exact 1:1 byte copy of the device regardless it’s content. Maybe HD Clone works in a different way or compresses the image (what Usb Image Tool can also do).

  • And let me make it clear that you do not keep up just share what I think would be good to do. I respect your work and the fact that your program is free. I apologize for my bad English. German did not know. I respect your country, but do not know your language.

  • @Dian:
    What Alex is trying to say that the raw image of your 8GB device is actually 8GB, despite how much data you have on it. The program works well, i think that you misunderstand.

  • Thanks Alex, for creating the only tool on the internet that is small, portable, fast, simple, very effective and reliable to save images of my bootsticks, raspberry pi cards and everything in between.
    Greetings from The Netherlands – Roel

    sehr gut! 😀

  • Unable to download any version of your tool you have posted.
    Firewall gives this error.

    Gateway Anti-Virus Alert

    This request is blocked by the SonicWALL Gateway Anti-Virus Service. Name: (Cloud Id: 11069224) MalUAgent.MIP (Trojan)

  • I have a bootable System Recovery USB created by my Sony Vaio software.

    1. If I backup that USB, (in Device Mode), and then restore it to a new USB stick of the same size…, Will the new USB stick be bootable also?

    2. WinBuilder is a program that creates Win7PE Recovery disks and USB sticks. I would like to add various tools (pluggins) to my Sony Vaio Recovery USB stick BUT I think WinBuilder needs and ISO of my stick to use as a foundation. Can you add that feature or do you have any suggestions about how to do that?


    • @Thom:
      1. In device mode the new stick will be bootable as well.
      2. ISO is a different file system. Please check the FAQ/forum, as this has been asked before.


  • You can use RMPrepUSB to take an image and restore an image.
    If you enter PALL for the length, then it will only backup to the end of the last partition and not the whole disk.
    So if you make an image of a 4GB USB drive, then apply it to an 8GB USB drive, you can make a 4GB backup from the 8GB drive by using PALL – this will backup from sector 0 to then end of the last partition (which will be 4GB).

  • Unfortunately, only your program work correctly. HDCLONE screwed up many times, and now my friends just use yours. Truce with the fact that no good compression, but other than that the program works flawlessly! I congratulate you and hope your program so it has a future.

  • I recently purchased Sandisk Cruzer Blade 4gb. It works perfectly and shows up on explorer, total commander, etc. However it does not show up in USB image tool 1.64. I tried both device and volume mode. Still does not show up.

    Do a search for false positive:
    False Positive boot “MalUAgent.MIP”

    but in this case, I don’t see that much search results


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