USB Image Tool 1.60

After almost a year, the new USB Image Tool version comes with new features, that have been asked for. The first thing you might notice: USB Image Tool asks for admin rights already at startup. I changed that, because in most cases people want to make backups or restores in device mode. To manually start USB Image Tool with admin rights was confusing, even with that point mentioned first in the FAQ.

The second major change is, that USB Image Tool now supports non-removable USB devices. You can now make backups of your USB hard drives or special card readers.

The third change worth a special announcement is the new Reset-Button. It will overwrite the bootsector of the selected device with zeroes. This will cause Windows to reformat the device with it’s original size (USB Image Tool doesn’t do it). This should answer the questions, how to regain the original device size, after you have written a smaller image to a larger device.

There are more things that have been changed and fixed, which can be found in the changelog.

If you used parts of USB Image Tool in your own projects, please be aware of changed usbit32.dll export functions and license.txt. Projects with official permission to use usbit32.dll are atv-win, Raspbmc, and XBian. If you are using parts of USB Image Tool and your project is not listed here (or I missed your project in my mail archive), please contact me via email, comment or forum post.

Download USB Image Tool 1.60


  • j’ ai fait une image d’une clé de 32Gb au départ tous se passe bien puis me donne une erreur code : 2

  • When I tried to create an compressed (imz) image of a MicroSD-Card with version 1.6., “USB Image Tool” did not finished. Instead Windows showed the message “USB Image Tool hat ein Problem festgestellt und muss beendet werden” (“USB Image Tool has encountered a problem and needs to close”) and asked, if I want to send an error report to Microsoft.

    I use XP SP3. The MircoSD has one FAT partition of 2GB. 492.371.968 Bytes are used. I think the free space was newer used. When Version 1.6 stopped, a imz file of 462.815.297 Bytes was created.

    Version 1.58 and 1.59 did not stopped and both created a bigger imz file of 462.860.064 Bytes.

    Version 1.6 was able to create an gzip image without a problem.

  • When I restore an image from a smaller USB device to a larger one, the larger device only has the smaller one size limit. I want to add another file to the larger device but there is not enough room.
    Can the larger device be allowed to keep its original size?

  • Hi, I used USB Image tool to boot my USB with iatkos ml2 (mountain lion). But when start up my computerand try to boot with the usb a message pops up and sais: Reboot and select proper Boot device or insert Boot media in selected boot device and press a key.

    Please help me Alex.

  • Hello Alex,

    I am not sure if you can help but after searching on google it seems only you might be able to. I have a Sandisk Cruzer U3 USB flash drive, seems like my password doesn’t work anymore. I have made several attempts and now it tells me that I have one last try and after that I am locked.

    I downloaded your tool but don’t know how to use it. Quite honestly I am not even sure if I am correct in assuming that your tool is to help people like me? :o( If I could get an opportunity to try several passwords I am pretty sure that I would remember it, but right now I am scared because I will be locked if I try my last attempt.

    Could you please kindly advise or suggest how I can recover my password or my data from the drive?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    • @Jordan: I doubt, USB Image Tool will help in this case. it would be a poor security solution, if the password protection limit could be exceeded by just restoring an image. I nkow, that some password protections on flash drives have security checks, that can be disabled with special tools, but I don’t know further details about that.

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