USB Image Tool 1.54

The new version allows shared read access on the source image file, when using the Restore function. With this it is possible to write the same image file to different flash drives from one instance of USB Image Tool (or different instances as well).

It also catches a strange exception, that seems to happen when clicking on a link in the GUI. In some cases Windows can’t open the browser when just passing a URL to execute. For some reason my workstation seems to be affected since I re-installed it before christmas. Couldn’t find a reason for that on the web, only some workarounds. If calling the URL directly fails, it uses IE now.


  • Hi,

    This is a great tool, thank you so much for your hardwork, This tool served me well 2 week ago.

    I am just wandering how hard would it be to support USB Disks like Western Digital Portable 500GB and possibly multiple partitions within it as well? so we can restore an image to a specific partition within a 500GB USB drive. I think a lot of people would want that.


    Kind Regards,


    • @ Will: This question comes up often. For now USB Image Tool only supports flash drives. It was originally not intended to be a full partition management tool. It’s purpose is to be a lightweight tool for flash drives. Expanding it to work with multiple volumes on flash drives or USB hard drives would require bigger changes in the programs inner functions. Maybe I will implement it someday. Nonetheless you can’t just take a partition from an USB flash drive and write it to a different partition on a USB hard drives. You would have to modify partition table, etc. as well.

  • Ok, it works. First time Alex I left a message, it told me my email was incorrect.

    Alex, the utility worked fine the first time, but since then, I keep getting registry errors.

    Error retrieving registry values! Access to the registry key ‘HKey_Current_User\Software\\USB Image Tool\Favorites’ is denied.

    This is on a Windows 7 PC.

    • Are you using an account with limited user rights? This is somehow strange, as access to the current users registry base should be always possible. When do you get this error? During program startup or when you are trying to add favorites?

  • This software is built in to Apple OSX. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN PROPERLY ON THE WINDOWS PLATFORM! I’m donating some dollars to you, you earned it.

    • This exactly what I had in mind, when i posted this and the link it contained. How about at least giving information about error messages or if there isn’t any, perhaps saying so? How am I supposed to answer on a “It doesn’t work!”?

  • Alex, new to this, apols in advance if this is a dumb mistake.

    Win7 – 64bit, Kingston Data Traveller (one 4G other 16G)

    Trying to build image to install Boxee on ATV.

    On restore, gets mostly thru then get the msg

    “Could not write to the USB device (Code 87)

    The parameter is incorrect”

    Notice there is only a 32-bit DLL.

    Can reproduce for any other information


    • To access the device mode, start the tool as admin (see FAQ for details). The device mode option will be available then and is located right above the selection window for the USB devices. Also make sure that no explorer window is opened, when starting the restore. This might lock the device. If it’s still not working, let me know.

  • Thnx.

    I’ve right clicked and “Run as Administrator”. Yes, it enabled me to use Device Mode. Also tried running with Troubleshoot Compatibility (with a number of releases including XP and Vista). But still get the same error message.

    One other inconsistancy … file is called FirmwareImage.dmg … from drop downs I thought I be looking for .img?

    • @David: Are you sure this image is intended to work on USB flash drives? Usually this error message appears, when you try to write an image intended for CD/DVD (.iso) on a flash drive. Images for flash drives have to be divisible by 512, otherwise this error is most likely the result. Although the extension of the file isn’t really important, i don’t know if a .dmg file really is a raw flash drive image file.

  • Coming back to my earlier posting: it just doesn’t pop up in my Winidows 7 RC1 64b, while it does just fine on XP SP3. Looks cool, by the way. I can’t use it in the 32b environment because I am lacking the needed space on that HDD.

    The only sign I got on the W& 64b is the cursor turning hour glass for a few seconds, then there’s no GUI, no application or process running in the task manager, where I could. What am I supposed to make of it? One more thing, I have tried to get to a 64bit package, but I am always getting to the “32” (v1.54). I would assume that the version is for both 32 and 64b. In the changelog, there is this entry:

    “USB Image Tool 1.28
    – added: command line utility
    – fixed: 64bit compatibility”

    • @Cristian: I just tested it again on my 64bit Win7 notebook, but it works. It took 2-3 seconds to start (maybe for scanning devices). Also, there is no dedicated 64bit version, it runs on a 64bit Windows, because Windows itself can run 32bit apps (would be very bad, if it couldn’t). Maybe you are lacking an installed version of the required .net framework? Usually this should result in an error message. Also you could try to get the command line utility running. Just run “cmd”, change to the directory of usbit by using the cd command and the run “usbitcmd l” (it’s the small letter “L”).

  • Alex, I’ll reply here and switch over to the support forum in for any further postings / replies.

    In answer to “Are you sure this image is intended to work on USB flash drives?”. Pretty sure, USB Image Tool is heavily referenced from postings that illustrate how to install Boxee onto Apple TV.

    However, you have given me something to chase. I’ll make sure the .dng is well formed.

    Thanks for your patience.

  • Alex, I hoped .net framework was XP hisotry with Win7. No error messages though. Interesting enough, I get the same with the MS Win7 USB tool (which is for XP).
    The console works fine, so hail to DOS shell. I suppose it covers all your tool’s features. Thanks for making this available and for the support

  • Alex, the Windows version worked great. My question: my computer no longer recognizes the USB stick…it just doesn’t show up under my computer. It was blank to begin with, so I don’t have any data I need to recover but I would like to use it for other purposes. Is there a way to erase the patchstick and re-use the drive?

    • @Jeff: I don’t know what exactly your situation is. If you start USB Image Tool and switch to device mode, you should be able to restore the empty bootsector, you can download from After that, you should be able to reformat the device in the windows explorer or the control panel.

  • I had this problem until I made the a shortcut on my desktop to point at and run USBit. I had no problems since I did this. I’m running Windows 7 – 64bit. Also, run as administrator.

  • @Alex: I fixed the routines around this error with 1.59 in a different way. Maybe you should try the new version. Error 87 only appears under special circumstances.

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