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Over the time I got plenty of  feedback regarding USB Image Tool. Some of it were bug reports or questions about (at first) unexplainable program behaviour. While a lot of the feedback was well described so I could immidiately figure out, what the author meant, some were in the way “It doesn’t work! Why?”. After 10 years of professional software development and 15 years of programming at all, I can only recommend you reading this document: How to Report Bugs Effectively by Simon Tatham. It’s really worth the time, funny to read and will benefit bug reporter as well as programmer. So before you report something, I would like to ask you to read there first.


  • I am having an issue getting into device mode. When I open USB image tool, the window is on volume mode and greyed out, not allowing me to change it to device mode. I have used USB image tool included with atv-usb (running 1.42) and that allows me to use device mode. Unfortunately I must run the whole atv-usb patchstick program first to get to USB image tool.

    Am I missing a way to enter device mode?


  • I would like to contact you regarding something that will require your expertise. Please can you email me at the email address specified.

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