USB Image Tool 1.80

New version 1.80 adds support for high-res DPI settings. This requires .NET version 4.7 to be installed (instead of prior necessary 4.0 as minimum requirement). The blurry look should be gone now when using DPI zoom settings. I also fixed an issue, where the 2nd volume description was not displayed correctly.

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11 Responses to “USB Image Tool 1.80”

  1. Malte Says:

    Hi Alex, thanks for providing USB Image Tool! I noticed a small typo in the logs. It probably should be ‘received’ instead of ‘recieved’.

  2. Alex Says:

    @Malte: Thanks for reporting. I will fix it with the next release (maybe an small fix).

  3. Feurich Says:

    Guten Tag Herr Beug, ich nehme an sie sprechen Deutsch.
    Ihr USB Image Tool hat funktioniert und eine .img Image Datei erzeugt, diese ließ sich jedoch nicht mit Rechter Maustaste – Bereitstellen – zu einem Laufwerk mounten. Sie ließ sich mit Rufus auf einen anderen , gleich großen Stick, entpacken. Erwarte keinen Support, nur zur Info. Gruß Feurich

  4. Feurich Says:

    Hello, this is a website with international visitors. So i will repeat it in English. I created a .img file successfully from a USB drive. It is re – writable to another USB Stick by using the Rufus programm. The .img file cannot be used with the Provide command on contect menu in Windows 10 to mount a .img file as a drive. I do not expect any support , only for your information.

  5. Alex Says:

    @Feurich: Thanks for your feedback. Windows can only mount ISO files of CD/DVD drives directly. To mount images of USB drives or hard disks, you need a tool like OSFMount (please check FAQ).

  6. Allex99 Says:

    April 29th, 2020 at 18:00
    Hi Alex, thanks for sharing the USB Image Tool!
    This tool does not recognize the GoodRam (Wilk)32GB flash drive.

  7. Alex Says:

    @Allex99: Please check the “non-removable drives” option. If it still not working, please provide the “Copy to clipboard” log of the debug output tab.

  8. Cyanlabs Says:

    Hi Alex, Can USB Image Tool Helper be used in another application with all licenses kept intact etc?

  9. Alex Says:

    @cyanlabs: Please see license.txt. Depends on the project. If it’s non-commercial and not just copying the functionality, I usually give permission. Please contact me by mail for details (mail adress is available in the txt files or the applications info tab).

  10. Gabriel Says:

    Hi Alex,

    I found your program very useful to backup my pendrives! But, although I can perfectly backup (in device mode) any pendrive, I cannot restore them: I get “Restore failed! Could not update disk properties (Code: 6)! Controlador no válido.” as soon as I confirm I want to write the USB.
    I tried two different 16GB pendrives (different brand and model) and I got the same. I am working under Windows 10, with version 1.80 of USB Image Tool.
    What info could I supply to you for help?

    Thank you very much in advance!

  11. Alex Says:

    @Gabriel: Could you please provide the log and debug output and additional details on USB hardware and image (size of the device, size of image, current format of flash drive).

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