USB Image Tool 1.81

Version 1.81 fixes non-removable USB device detection on AMD chipset platforms.


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  1. Roland Jost Says:

    Hello Alex

    Is it possible to copy an image from a 32GB stick to a 16GB stick ? Or is there no tool to shrink the data on the stick ?

  2. Alex Says:

    USB Image Tool will not shrink the partition(s), just truncate. You have to resize them with another tool before copying. Please see FAQ for details.

  3. Andrey Says:

    Hi Alex, starting from the last windows update in the end of June 2021, I can’t restore using device mode. The error is:

    Restoring backup to “IGEL UD Pocket USB Device” (F:\)…failed
    Error: Could not unlock the volume!
    Code : 158 –

    Tried on mulitiple machines

    THe workaround is to run tool in volume mode (it will fail in my case because wrong image size), then retry with device mode.

  4. Alex Says:

    @Andrey: Tried myself on Win10 21H1, but couldn’t recreate the problem. Can you please provide details (log + debug info from USB Image Tool, Win10 version, activated options, details on USB device and connection (hub etc.)?

  5. Guenther Says:


    can you help me? If i wont Restore an Image to an SD-Card, the Tool says:
    Could not write to the USB device (Code:5)!
    Please close all open explorer windows for this device.

    But all Explorer Windows are closed.



  6. Alex Says:

    @Guenther: This might also a result of anti virus tools or other software, that blocks direct access to the device. Please also see forum on this topic.

  7. Jacky Says:

    @Andrey: your workaround saved me, thanks!

  8. Alex Says:

    @Jacky: Any chance to get the logs, I asked Andrey for? Seems this happens not in all situations.

  9. Hello World Says:

    Thank for this application, its very usefull 🙂

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