• Hello Alex

    Is it possible to copy an image from a 32GB stick to a 16GB stick ? Or is there no tool to shrink the data on the stick ?

    • USB Image Tool will not shrink the partition(s), just truncate. You have to resize them with another tool before copying. Please see FAQ for details.

  • Hi Alex, starting from the last windows update in the end of June 2021, I can’t restore using device mode. The error is:

    Restoring backup to “IGEL UD Pocket USB Device” (F:\)…failed
    Error: Could not unlock the volume!
    Code : 158 –

    Tried on mulitiple machines

    THe workaround is to run tool in volume mode (it will fail in my case because wrong image size), then retry with device mode.

    • @Andrey: Tried myself on Win10 21H1, but couldn’t recreate the problem. Can you please provide details (log + debug info from USB Image Tool, Win10 version, activated options, details on USB device and connection (hub etc.)?

  • Hi,

    can you help me? If i wont Restore an Image to an SD-Card, the Tool says:
    Could not write to the USB device (Code:5)!
    Please close all open explorer windows for this device.

    But all Explorer Windows are closed.



    • @Guenther: This might also a result of anti virus tools or other software, that blocks direct access to the device. Please also see forum on this topic.

  • Error: Could not unlock the volume!
    Code : 158 –
    Reason: In left up side select Volume Mode (Not a Device Mode)

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