USB Image Tool 1.76

Version 1.76 fixes an issue with the log output window and adds the possibility to copy the log messages directly to clipboard.


  • Does starting a device backup image write 0s to empty space? And if not, could you make that a feature? I don’t like running e.g. “ciper /w:F” to clear out the empty space, when it can be done from your program. Send an email back with your reply.

    • @Andrew:
      Initializing with 0 can be activated for the remaining space during restore (when the restored image is smaller than the device).
      The backup image from a device will contain also sectors, that might not be covered by a partition.

  • Please tell me – is it Possible to change the Serial of a USB device using your program, provided that the Usb device of the same type and differ only in the serial number?

  • Thanks for the tool, It’s very useful. I do have some question though. I need to write image skip 512 byte at the beginning of sd card, so than my arm board can get up. but there is no way to do that form you software. linux command dd has para “skip seek and count” to write image, that’s very useful, could you make that a feature?

  • Just downloaded after reading about the tool on AskWoody: it seems to not see my Win10 1803 install stick (8GB FAT32, named ESD-USB), although W10 explorer can see it. Explorer hardware properties show it as a Sandisk Cruzer Edge USB device. Any ideas? Has Windows medai creation tool done something odd?

  • I have a 64 GB USB 2.0 Stick for the installation of Win 10 64Bit. I need an iso file of this to burn a win 10 install DVD because my pc doesn’t support to boot from usb stick. When i make a backup of the stick the iso file has a size of 60GB a DVD has only 4,3GB and the files have 4,03GB. Is there a possibility to resize the iso file i can burn a DVD?

  • Hello. Thank you for making this program. It’s very cool.
    First off, I have a problem when trying to make an image using Device Mode (which I need because the image needs to be bootable). For the specific drive I’m using, there are less than 6GB used on a drive with about 32GB of space total. When I try to create the image though, it takes much longer than I would expect, and the image file ends up eating up all the available space on my system drive (file ballooned up to over 158GB). Any idea why this would happen and how I can address the issue? To be clear, the process never finishes. It errors out because of the lack of free space on my system drive.
    Also, when I read the FAQ it sounds as though images created using Device Mode will have file sizes of the entire drive from which they were created including free space. In the example I gave above, does that mean that even though I’ve got about 6GB of data, because the drive is 32GB total, it will create an image file around 32GB?

    • @Shane: Even in device mode, the file (raw image) should not exceed 32 GB. Can you tell me the name of the device (SD card or flash drive), which you are using? Can you provide a screenshot of the first page with device info and a log of the device search? Right now USB can only work with sector sizes of 512 byte, but there might be devices out there, that have 2048 bytes. Maybe this can be the issue for that behaviour.

  • Hi Alex, thanks a lot for this awesome tool, I am using it on a very regular basis, since I juggle around a lot with different USB- and SD-images for raspberry pi, emulation handhelds (Bittboy, Pocket Go) and images for the Playstation Classic.
    As I like my PC shortcuts consistent, pretty and tidy, I allowed myself to create a (slightly) modernized Windows icon for your USB Image Tool. Imo it looks nice and can be upscaled easily to still look good when viewed in larger tile modes.
    You can view it on deviantart (link below), feel free to use it. I can also provide different resolutions or file formats or any changes if needed. Until then, thanks again for your great tool! 🙂

  • can USB image Tool be used 1.76 be Used to Duplicate (make another Copy) of My USB Dongle authentication that Use Safe Key technique and the reason is making another Extra Copy one for usage and the extra for safe keeping in case the one in use fails ?

    • @M.Sabry: Without knowing the details I would guess, that’s not possible. I would assume, a good USB dongle has more than just the data storage part to be a valid protection. Otherwise it would be too easy to just copy the stick. Furthermore, USB Image Tool is not designed to override data protection mechanisms.

  • Great tool, many thanks for making is freely available. I’ve just used it to clone some Dell 16GB boot SD cards with ESXi on them and it worked with no problems. Worth noting for other users that if you try this then make sure the ‘Fix GPT…’ option is set for the restore to a new SD card or ESXi will (probably) re-assign the 7 (!) partitons on the SD card and so ESXi will not boot.

    Great software tool – saved my day!

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