USB Image Tool 1.40 status

It has been a successful week for USB Image Tool. I was able to replace all compression routines by the new ones. I modified minizip to work with UNICODE file functions. I get a lot of referers to my page from asian websites (Korean and Vietnamese especially), so I consider this important.

Additionally I was able to get the Restore in device mode working without resetting und unplugging it before writing to the USB flash drive (the 3 step message box). All that was to do was to perform the correct Locking and Dismounting on the volume handle, not on the device handle. Updating the disk properties must be done on the device handle, though. I found some forum topics, that were dealing with it about the time (summer 2008), I was trying to get it running, too. Some keywords are:


All that is to do for the version 1.40 is to add some checks on image sizes and zip files and some testing. I’m thinking about releasing a beta version, because some of the changes were major ones, so if you want to help in the development progress, keep an eye on this page.


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