USB Image Tool 1.72

The new version fixes a bug, that occured with version 1.71 and caused imz compressed images to be twice as large as necessary and partially unreadable by several tools (including the Windows integrated zip support).


  • I just bought a Raspberyy PI 2 and I will use your valuable tool to get a backup of my SD card on my PC.
    Thx for all your work invested in USB Image
    kind regards

  • just to notify you something strange…
    .imz file is a lot bigger than an .img subsequently
    compressed with windows “compressed folder”

    • @pietro: imz should be at least similar to an uncompressed img file from the same device. There was a bug in 1.71, that caused the imz to be twice the size and partially invalid.

      A compressed/zipped folder can be much smaller than the complete image, because it doesn’t include the unused space, which a image file naturally does. Please see FAQ for more info on this topic.

  • This tool is invaluable (the amount of times I have messed up my PI) – so, Thank You Alex!! Just to note though, an *.img.gz file will go up to about 130% when restoring which is a little strange.

  • Hi Alex,

    sorry it will not work!

    It isn’t possiple to restore a valid image to an usb stick.
    “Could not access the USB device. Code 32” is the onla reaction.

    – USB Image Tool 1.72 was started as admin under Win 7
    – USB stick was deactivated, without drive letter
    – several PCs, several sticks, several images – no way!
    – logfile shows founded devices, no significant error message

    What should i do?

  • Solution for “Could not access the USB device. Code 32” under Windows 10 professional, 64 Bit, German Version.

    Use “Abgesicherter Start” (minimal). Then the Restore works:

    Einstellungen – System – Info – Zusätzliche Verwaltungstools – Systemkonfiguration – Start – Abgesicherter Start (minimal).

    Um nach dem Beenden des Restores den normalen Windows-Start wieder einzustellen, muss man das bei “Abgesicherter Start” gesetzte Häkchen wieder entfernen.

  • Got the “Could not access USB device. Code 32” when I tried to do a backup and restore at the same time.

    Also, the image made off a 32GB flash drive cannot be restored to the same drive because “The image is too large for the selected USB device.”

    It would be really helpful if there was a choice for the image to be the size of the amount of data.

  • 16GB USB device (1.18MB used) is compressed to 16GB img file.
    How I can make 1M img image file(CD)?

  • An ordinary 8Gb flash drive became unreadable when I tried to reformat it to NTFS on Windows 7. I’ve just used USBIt v1.72 to Reset it (apparently successfully, i.e. no error) — but W7 still says it is unable to format the whole device. Any suggestions welcome – it’s the only flash drive I have and it would be great to restore it to life.

  • Hello,
    I use very much your program.
    I want to ask you to make some sort of tool to be able to automatically edit the size of the partitions. What do I mean? Many heck is going on to do IMG example Samsung’s flash drive size 14.9 GB real (16GB), and returned IMG A-Date 16 GB again but with size 14.1 GB real. Information is for example 10 GB. Use cloning Atsronis. Realistically there is space but sticks themselves are of different sizes and it is not. My suggestion is to be able to use less Partition if there is space. Thanks.

    • @Diyan: As stated in FAQ, USB Image Tool won’t interfere with partitions or data in partitions. It will just copy the raw device data. Handling different partition types is a risky thing and I will leave that to dedicated tools.

  • Thank you for your software! It worked on a handful of HPs. Some of them have the USB boot disabled in BIOS. Do you know any solution when this is the case?


  • This tool is excellent. I’ve found it to be the very best way to back up or restore Raspberry Pi SDHC boot images; other methods are very cumbersome.

    Do you have any plans to make a Debian version? Please consider doing it if possible!

  • Hi,.

    I tryed to make a booteable mac os usb drive with a dmg file, but now my 8GB flash dive kinsgtone (datatravel 100 G2) is unuseable.

    Everytime I plug on a Mac os o Win os, looks like a SkyMedi 64MB Drive (no Kingstone anymore). I cant format I cant access, I cant reverse this process.

    usb image tool says Error Code 121 when I try to reset the drive.

    how can I reverse this so I can have my 8GB kingstone drive again?

  • Hallo Alex

    I have 2 identical sticks with 128 GB Kingston Hyperx.
    On the one are still 20.1 GB free. I can easily create the image.
    The 2nd stick is empty.
    When trying to restore the backup to the 2nd stick, I get the error message that there was not enough space.


  • Hi Alex, thanks for creating this tool and keeping it free!
    I am having an issue. I have an 3.7GB image which I am trying to put on a 4GB USB using the tool so that I can create a bootable USB.

    When the process runs I end up with 1kb of data on the USB an one file autoboot. 1kb… that cant be right. Any idea why that my problem could be?
    I have used different usb and the latest version of the tool..nothing.

    Please help.
    Thanks a lot

  • @Alex: Thanks. By the way if U will do multilingual support, I will make russian and ukrainian lankpacks for USB Image Tool

  • Is there a limit to the size of the target USB ? Not seeing a 1TB USB running the tool 1.7.2 on windows7 sp1.

    • @Bruce: There is no size limit. Please check the HDD option on the respective property sheet. Maybe your flash drive is reporting itself as HDD.

  • Found it, most people put it on the page and not on the links listed off to the side. Whatever, never mind the previous statement.

  • Hi, I used 1.72 version to try to restore an dmg mac image file in order to install a mac OS.

    My Pen was a 8GB Kingston tRAVEL MATE g2, But now windows and macos just see it as SkyMedi SK6238A with 67,108,864 Bytes. I cant format this device, I cant restore or do anything with Usb Image Tool

    Even with bootsector.img, this is the log

    I 18:53:59 SkyMedi SK6238A BLoader USB Device (00000004): Device added to device list!
    I 18:54:12 SkyMedi SK6238A BLoader USB Device (00000004): Device added to device list!
    I 18:54:18 SkyMedi SK6238A BLoader USB Device (00000004): Reset started!
    I 18:54:19 (00000000): Device change notification recieved!
    I 18:54:38 SkyMedi SK6238A BLoader USB Device (00000004): Device added to device list!
    E 18:56:02 SkyMedi SK6238A BLoader USB Device (00000004): Reset failed! Could not write to the USB device (Code: 121)!
    Please close all open explorer windows for this device.
    Se agotó el tiempo de espera del semáforo.

    I 18:56:05 SkyMedi SK6238A BLoader USB Device (00000004): Device added to device list!

    Plese help. How Can I restore the usb to Kingston firmware?

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