USB Image Tool 1.71

The new version of USB Image Tool adds support for UASP based devices, which are now detected correctly. It also now holds the lock between restore and verify process to prevent Windows to create the volume information between both steps, which was causing the verify to fail. The download link can be found as usual on the download page.


8 Responses to “USB Image Tool 1.71”

  1. Johann E Says:

    Hervorragende Arbeit. Danke für die sehr schnelle Umsetzung.

  2. choisuk Says:


  3. Fabio Says:

    Very good

  4. Manfred K Says:

    Verry good, thanks

  5. Dushan Says:

    Very good!
    I wonder can it be used to backup USB recovery disk from windows 10 8

  6. mohamed Says:

    very good pro

  7. Aads Says:


  8. Marco B. Says:

    Very good tool! I’m integrating the command line tool it into a product i’m developing! I hope to be able to donate something if the business goes well! Thanks!!

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