USB Image Tool 1.58

Version 1.58 fixes a bug in the gzip image size check and the detail info of the command line tool. Additionally you can now activate a completion message after a successful backup/restore.

Update 1: Version 1.58 seems to have an issue with the usbit32.dll. I will look into this as soon as possible.

Update 2: Looks like the first version didn’t work on Windows XP machines. This should be fixed now. The version still remains 1.58.


  • Great tool, but this version produces error
    “cannot find usbit32.dll” even though it’s there!
    Any ideas?

  • I am getting errorcode 1110 (media changed) when making a backup of a 4GB stick, tried all available options to no avail, sometimes it halts @ 300MB then @ 1GB

    Running W7 64-bit

    • @MT: Never heard of this error before. are you using it on a USB hub? Do you hear the USB detection sound during the backup? Does this also happen with a different flash drive or on a different machine? The error indicates, that somehow Windows thinks, the device has changed during the backup process, but that can’t be the case.

  • Alex
    Perfect tool. You solved my prlm specially when I find your web page and could get my hands on your updated version for XP (can’t find xx.dll)

    Thanks very much!

    PS if you have time for a queston how big USB stick will your program manage? I have so far only tested with 4 Gb and no prlm at all.

    • @Moje: All size variables are 64bit, with the maximum size being theoretically 16ExaByte. Kilo – Mega – Giga – Tera – Peta – Exa. Should be enough for the next 2 or 3 decades.

  • great tool ! I can only backup and restore to the same usb stick though, is there anyway around this ? I had two 4gb usb sticks (different brands) and I couldnt backup and restore to different sticks, only the same.

  • Alexander thanks for this great utility!

    I want to ask you if this program can grab also the boot sector from the usb stick because i have several bootable usb sticks which i would like to backup without loosing the boot option.

    Thank you

  • Great tool.

    Only problem I have is I usually receive the following error when trying to restore an image file…”Could not access the USB device (Code 32)!The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.”

    Tried it on two PC’s and even rebooted for clean start to verify the app is not running twice. I’ve only been able to restore two times and I’m not even sure how I got around the error to do the restores other than just luck.

    • @Joe: This should only happen, when a process is accessing files on the flash drive. Usually the reason is an open explorer window. It also might be a virus scanner, that gets active, once the device is inserted.

  • I think I found the fix. My specific problem is not mentioned on your faq page, but after reading about running the app as adminstrator for the grayed out device mode, I ran the app as administrator (Windows 7) and then was able to restore the image. It now has worked without issue on two restores.

  • Hi Alex,

    Great Work!!! Awesome tool.
    Ver 1.58 worked like magic on Vista, I upgraded to Windows 7 – 32 bit. Now I do not see the Device mode. Only volume mode by default. I cannot access the drop down menu?

    any help?

  • okay.. it was user account control. I switched off UAC and restarted the system and now I see mode selection. πŸ™‚

  • I used your software in a borrowed USB, and now Im not able to see the information contained in the USB, is there a way to recover the original information in order to get it back to the owner?


  • I found the software but I don’t know how to recover the information, I have the WinImage 8.50 and OSFMount 1.5, Do you have a procedure to use this software without damaging the USB, it has very important information.

    I appreciate your help..


    • @Jorge: For WinImage, just open the image and copy the files via drag’n’drop to the desired folder. With OSFMount you can mount the image as a drive letter. With that you can just copy the files from there.

  • When I try to start it, I got the following error:
    The application failed to initialize properly(0xc0000135). Any idea what the problem might be? 10x

  • I think that I was not clear on my problem, when I used you software the USB had files in it, and after the image mount Im not able to see anything… my question is the data(original files) were deleted? or is still there?…

    • @Jorge: If it had files, when you made the image, they will be still there, stored in the image file. From the distance it’s hard to tell, what the problem with your image file is. If it was a standard file system like FAT, WinImage or OSFMount should be able to read the image file and show it’s content. Otherwise you should at least get a error message from these programs. When you restore the image file to another flash drive (same size or bigger) you should also be able to retrieve your files.

  • I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful tool. It is exactly what i was searching for.

    Also, you get my respect for actually going through these comments and answering them politely and thoroughly. I don’t think I could do that.

  • Good morning

    I would like to know wich functions to use to read data on SD

    In fact, I must write a prgram who dump the content of SD in a binary file. I use Create, ReadFille ..

    The Read File has an limitation and I can read more tha 64Mo

    • @Da Silva: Basically, it’s just CreateFile, ReadFile, WriteFile. The difficult part is finding and analyzing the USB devices.

  • Excellent utility! Works great even on 32gig sticks! I was curious to how I could explore the .img file that’s generated, via Windows Explorer, IZarc or 7Zip, etc.

  • USB Image Tool 1.58 says “The image is not a valid device mode image!” when trying to restore
    to an SDcard in device mode. dd to device file under linux with this image produces the expected result.
    does work correcly with Image Tool in device mode.
    I wonder if this is a bug of Image Tool or some image inconsistencies.

    • @zoltan: Usually, device mode images should be dividable by 512. For some reason, this is not. I guess I will publish a new version, that has an opton to disable that check.

  • Please tell me – how to dismount image and restore the real size of the stick?
    The system displays only the size of the image stick with which it was created (484 mb), while the actual size of the USB drive (16 GB)

    • @mataku: Download the empty bootsector from the Download section and write it to the bootstick. after that, reformat it. If that doesn’t work, please google for the HP USB Format Tool and use this to reformat the flash drive again.

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