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After struggling with all the disadvantages of bbPress and constantly broken permalinks I have decided to switch to phpBB3 for the new support forum. The link to the new forum is The old forum will still be accessible for a while. I will move all relevant content to either the FAQ or the new forum. The rest including the old forum users will be deleted afterwards. For now the link to the old forum is


  • Hi,

    I’m trying to write an image to my Kingston Data Traveler G3 USB device. It’s an 8 GB device, but at the end I always get an error.

    “Could not write to the USB Device (Code: 27)! The drive cannot find the sector requested.”

    I can’t find what this means anywhere. Can anyone tell me what’s going wrong here?

    Thx in advance


    • @Rudi: Is the image by chance larger than the drive you are trying to write? A hardware failure also might be possible.
      Google brings a lot of results for: The drive cannot find the sector requested USB

  • is it possible to make an ISO bootable Image file from an USB ? and will imlement this functinnality to your new release of this magic software

    sorry for my english and thanx in advance

    • @samhir: This question is to general. Several Linux distributions come with an hybrid bootloader, that can boot from CD/DVD or USB.

  • Hi,

    my question means to save a copy in a bootable DVD of the restauration system made from netbook to USB flash, so when i grab the Bootable IMG file with USB Image Tool (of course from USB flash), i wish to convert it to a bootable ISO file that i can burn it on a DVD??


    • @samhir: USB Image Tool can’t convert an USB image to an ISO file, because the file systems are different and USB Image Tool does no file system parsing.

  • Tried to restore image to another usb and received error:
    COuld not lock the volume (Code: ))!
    Please close all open explorer windows for this device.

    I tried unplu and replugging it, and same results.

  • I try to save my Windows 8 Recovery environment made from MS Windows on “Sandisk Cruzer Blade 16Gb” (FAT 32) but the software does not recognize this usb stick even on USB2 or USB3. Do you have heard something about that? Many thanks. Regards.

  • Alex,
    I tried your USB programm. The result did not work, because I’ve
    besides Windows Vista, also UBUNTU 12.4. That’ my problem and mistake. But it had work, if there where no mismatch.

    The other Desktop contains only Windows 7. But when it should start, Windows reject writing. Do You have an idea what to do? SanDisk USB 32 GB was formated with NFS not FAT32. USB tool is vers: 1.64.
    Greetings from Germany

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