USB Image Tool 1.57/1.56

The new version fixes some problems with the creation of large zip files by implementing new versions of zlib (1.2.5) and minizip (1.1). Additionally to version 1.56, it uses 64 bit functions for zip file handling. This should fix the issue with broken zip files. When working with zip files, updating to 1.57 is strongly recommended.


53 Responses to “USB Image Tool 1.57/1.56”

  1. lsk Says:

    Well done

  2. Ron Says:

    Thanks for this VERY useful tool.

  3. seb Says:

    good software

  4. roberth Says:

    hol a es buenozo dicho software

  5. jos leijen Says:

    thanks man

  6. titox Says:

    Buen Trabajo.

  7. Jeff Says:

    Great tool! Thank you.

  8. Happy User Says:

    Thanks for this tool! Exactly what I needed! Thank you Thank you Thank you

  9. Remi Says:

    Looks great but didn’t worked with my ipod touch 4th Gen. The software don’t “see” the ipod hocked with the usb cable. Is it a known issue?
    Thanks and keep that good work!

  10. Alex Says:

    I guess, the Ipod isn’t working in the USB mass storage mode, because it’s using iTunes to fill it with data. Everything, that doesn’t support the mass storage protocol, won’t be recognized by USB Image Tool.

  11. Gringo Says:

    cloning of a garmin preprogrammed map sd card did not work (used SD card / USB adaptor)

  12. Alex Says:

    Ok, that’s a little bit unspecific. What exactly did not work? Maybe the card contained a copy protection.

  13. waheb09 Says:

    nice work man, great software, thank you

  14. wissahikon Says:

    Information says that the program makes ISO files, but this is not the case. Why?

  15. Alex Says:

    @wissahikon: What information? USB Image Tool can’t create ISO files, if you mean the CD/DVD format. I explained it in detail in comments or the forum.

  16. Edgar Says:


    I should write a file in ‘Device mode’, but I cannot switch between ‘Volume mode’ and ‘Device mode’.
    What can I do?

  17. Alex Says:

    @Edgar: Run it in admin mode. Look for it in the FAQ.

  18. guenter Says:

    great tool thank you

    I put an image of a rescue disk(modified for use on USB device) on my USB-drive –> booting from the drive works great, but now i don’t have access to the drive via explorer,
    i have to format the drive to use it normaly

    do you have any idea how to fix that problem?
    thank you

  19. Alex Says:

    @guenter: I guess it is a Linux rescue disc. I assume that it conains a file system, Windows doesn’t support on a flash drive. Reformatting it after usage shouldn’t be a problem.

  20. jykace Says:

    good software

    thank you.

  21. Werner Says:

    Hallo Alex

    wenn ich auf einem USB-Stick ( 4GB) mit ein IMAGE von 256MB wiederherstellen möchte wird aber eine Partition von 4GB erstellt.

    Hat das was mit Volume/device mode zu tun ?

  22. Alex Says:

    @Werner: Sollte durch FAQ und Forum bereits erklärt sein.

  23. Jason Says:

    Hey, great app and thanks for putting it out there. Was hoping I could mount the img file from a backup using Virtual Clone Drive. Doesn’t seem to work – mounts without error but shows no content and drive properties says 0 bytes.

  24. Alex Says:

    @Jason: I guess Virtual Clone Drive only supports CD/DVD file systems (UDF, ISO). Flash drives are usually formatted with FAT/NTFS.

  25. R1 Says:

    I’ve try it n working just fine for back up n restore usb flashdisc….
    but is there any way to mount the image without flash disc connected in xp. cuz i can’t do it……..:P

    thanks alot before

  26. Alex Says:

    @R1: Sorry, I don’t know of any tool/driver, that can mount an image file directly in Windows. You can probably convert the image to VHD format and use it with a Virtual PC, but all the tools I found either were commercial or needed a registration.

  27. Jason Says:

    No probs. 7zip opens the image file which is good enough. Thanks

  28. Willis Says:

    Good tool but the compress image cannot support 4GB+ USB.
    I got a 16GB USB but it only contain 1GB data.
    Wish next version can support higher capability USB.

  29. Alex Says:

    @Willis: You can compress it using gzip compression when you enable the first checkbox on the options tab.

  30. Gery Says:

    Is it possible to use ‘USB image tools’ from Command Line?

  31. Alex Says:

    @Gery: Of course, there is an usbitcmd.exe in the downloadable archive.

  32. sam Says:

    Hi Alex,

    I backup my 8GB SD card from my nokia phone into my harddisk (properties shows 7.42GB = 7,969,177,600 bytes).

    Now i cannot restore the image from harddisk because the same SD card shows 7.42GB = 7,968,120,832 bytes.

    Error message: The image file is too large for the selected USB device!

    What is your recommendation for this?


  33. Alex Says:

    @sam: You have two options here:

    1. Restore the image and disable the size check on the options tab. This might result in data loss, depending on what was stored on the last sectors, that don’t fit on the new SD card. If you choose this way, make sure the let Windows check the file system. Right click the device on “My computer”-> “Properties” and the press the corresponding button on “Tools” tab.

    2. Open the image with Winimage or 7zip, extract all the files from it and the copy them manually to the new SD card.

  34. ARIS Says:


  35. gokmen Says:

    i need create usb boot program

  36. Alex Says:

    @gokmen: This is a little bit vague.

  37. archetype Says:


  38. Claudio Says:

    Thankyou a lot !! It work great.

  39. mENY73 Says:


  40. monchito Says:

    gracias lo probaré…..(*_*)

  41. RoberDS Says:

    Excelente aplicacion, funciona muy bien
    Muchas Gracias

    pd. Podrias poner algun aviso sonoro o pop-up de que finalizo la operacion.

    Could you give some warning sound or pop-up that ended the operation.

  42. Alex Says:

    @RoberDS: I think I can implement that in future versions.

  43. keijames Says:

    I try to use it in Windows 7 32bit os, it run fine, I am clone from a 4GB mSD card to a file, then restore to a 8GB mSD card. After successully restore, the mSD did not boot up as 4GBmSD in my A8 Android PAD, when I plug 8GB mSD card into PC, it is able to detect to FAT32 partition which same as 4GB card.

    However, the 4GB partition able to detect by PartitionManager9.0, but 8GB card is not.

  44. Alex Says:

    @keijames: First of all, did you use the device mode in all operations (Backup/Restore)? When you clone a smaller device to a larger one, it remains at the same size. Please check the FAQ or other comments for that topic. The issues you had with the Android pad and Partition Magic aren’t really clear to me. I couldn’t understand taht part.

  45. AziF Says:

    Hi, The software have this error in winxp, (0xc0000135). i try with V1.57 and V1.42.
    What happends?
    Best Regards.

  46. Alex Says:

    @AziF: .net Framework is missing, probably.

  47. C. Wachler Says:

    Ein sehr schönes Tool, genau wonach ich gesucht habe. Und dann noch kostenlos, vielen vielen Dank für die sicher harte Arbeit, ich weiß es zu schätzen!

    Great Tool, just what I was looking for, thanks for all the hard work, keep it up !

  48. Segestrido Says:

    Hello Alex:

    My greetings for this tool, since i know it i can’t live with it.

    Very usefull.

    Kind regards from Spain.

  49. Jagan Says:

    Hello sir ,

    My pen drive is write – protected ………pls slove this problem

  50. Alex Says:

    @Jagan: There should be a small switch on your flash drive. What can I do about that? What exactly is the problem? Or can’t you restore, because an error message says so? In that case close all folders, that opened automatically when you inserted the flash drive.

  51. Faiyaz Says:

    Somebody told me that I have no choice but to use Linux for imaging my CF cards. They are so bloody wrong.. A super Thank you for this wonderful software…

  52. vassily Says:

    spasibo from kazakhstan ))

  53. Armen Says:

    a very useful program thanks greetings from Armenia ))

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