USB Image Tool 1.41

This version fixes the “Error reading settings!” message, that appeared at the start of the 1.40 version. It can be downloaded from the dowwnload page on the right menu bar.


    • If you are using Windows Vista, you have to run it as Administrator (right-click the icon). Please see the FAQ for more information on this topic.

  • Hi,

    few times, I tied to restore image file onto USB device, it showed me error message “Could not write to the USB device (Code: 87!)”.

    I was looking for the error code 87, and look up in here and googling.

    does it have any solution to solve this problem?

    • Yes, I got reported this issue some times now, but I couldn’t find out until now, what the reason is. The MSDN says something about “invalid parameter”. It happens during a WriteFile operation. I will have to check that, when I return to Germany. Any more information on this, that could help me recreate the error, would be helpful. Maybe it is something like an open explorer window on the device.

  • I can’t see my usb drive in the device section. I am using vista and I run it as a administrator and it doesn’t list any drives. Can you help?

    • Eventually it is not a removable flash drive drive, but an USB hard drive. USB Image Tool by now only supports removable USB flash drives. You can check this in the control panel (Administration). There you can find a point where you can see the installed drives and it’s type.

  • Ok, Alex I bought another drive since the other drive wasn’t flash. I ran the usbtool and it seemed to install. Now when I plug the drive into my windows computer I can’t see the drive or it’s contents. Is this normal? I can see the drive in usbtool but I can’t see any contents. Do I do everything correctly? Alex, thanks for your help!

    • I don’t quite get the problem here. USB Image Tool is an utility to create and restore images of USB flash drives. It doesn’t install anything. If you don’t see the drive in Windows (probably on the workspace), it could be that it is not partitioned or formatted correctly, so Windows doesn’t detect it. Did you restore an image to that flash drive?

  • Why USB Image Tool shows Device Size of my Memory Stick Micro (M2) 0 Bytes? I can’t format/partition it with several partition managers… The problem started when I try move files from my 1 GB M2 card to 4 GB card with your software.

    • @michal-100: Please use the newest version (1.63). With that, you can reset the device. After that, you should be able to format the device with Windows. As an alternative, you can also use the HP USB Format Tool (just google for it). In the past, a device size of 0 Bytes was shown, when the program was started without admin rights.

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