USB Image Tool 1.28

USB Image Tool 1.28 comes with a new command line utility, that can be used for batch operations and doesn’t require the .Net Framework. Also the new GUI version is now compatible with Windows x64 versions.


  • Thanks for the info. Fixed that now. I didn’t notice because Firefox somehow managed to get the link right, while IE didn’t.

  • Nice Tool. One Question: How can i show the Content of a Image without a Restore? Like a Imagebrowser!

  • USB Image Tool currently cannot display the content of an image itself, but various other tools (for example Winimage) can do.

  • Just found out this tool and instant favorite. Keep up the good work. Is it possible add verify image option, md5/crc etc?

  • Is there a way to make image of USB sticks not having any FAT32 Partition?
    I’m trying to make an Image from an EXT3 formatted Stick but the Tool can not find him.
    Drive letter is displayed in Windows Explorer, but even if no drive letter assign it woud be no problem to find the device.

  • I want to restore a backup after I delete all partition from the stick.
    The USB Tool could not recognize the stick anymore and the restore button is disabled. Have I made something wrong?

  • Hello Alex,
    I wanted to thank you for software that I like a lot. A request I made a backup of my usb key , now if I want to mount that program can I use?


  • Hi,

    I’m searching for a tool which can (complete) clone bootable pen drives – when will be v1.30 of USB Image Tool available?

    An image created with v1.30 (or any other version) can be used to create a complete cloned pen (if size is equal)?

    I tested v1.28 and USB Image Tool creates a full image (8 GB pen) of a pen which contains only some files (approx. 1 MB) – is it possible to change the behavior to create an image which contains only used space (and boot-information as well)?


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