USB Image Tool 1.85

New USB Image Tool Version 1.85 updates the used zlib library to version 1.2.12 to implement the latest security fixes.

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3 Responses to “USB Image Tool 1.85”

  1. Robert Gagne Says:

    Hi Alexander.

    Subject: USB Image Tool 1.85

    In usbit32.txt, you write USB Image Tool 1.85, but after running USB Image Tool 1.85, if I click on Info tab, your software is named USB Image Tool Which name is good?

    For your information, I downloaded your soft on .

    Congratulations for USB Image Tool, it works very well.

    Have a good evening !

    Robert Gagne
    Montreal (Quebec), CANADA

  2. Alex Says:

    @Robert: 1.85 is the external version number. Internally I more or less use the assembly/semantic style naming (major.minor.patch(.build)). I think I will harmonize/clarify this with the next version. Thanks for the hint.

  3. Carlos Says:


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