USB Image Tool 1.84

Version 1.84 fixes the program closing unexpected, when combining backup + verify option + zipped image format.

A quick note on zlib: A recent security issue was discovered in zlib versions before 1.2.12 (please see for more information). USB Image Tool still uses 1.2.11, due to some issues with the Visual Studio contribution projects in the last zlib 1.2.12 release. I’m working on a version to implement 1.2.12 in USB Image Tool, but I need to sort out the current trouble with compiling the static zlib for Win32 x86.


5 Responses to “USB Image Tool 1.84”

  1. Justme Says:

    About your FAQ;
    I wouldn’t suggest TrueCrypt to anyone any more, it’s ancient and unsupported. VeraCrypt seems to be working and still updating… slowly but still.

  2. Alex Says:

    @Justme: changed to VeraCrypt, thx

  3. Floren Says:

    unfortunately it doesn’t support Windows XP since the 1.76 version !!

    given it’s a portable utility you can get it to work without the need of NET 4.7

    hope you work this out soon. regards

  4. Alex Says:

    @Floren: Windows XP support was stopped intentionally. It’s out of support from Microsoft since more than 8 years, some API functions don’t exist and some things work differently with Win XP. For compatibility, older version remain available for download. USB Image Tool always required .NET and will do for the future. C# is the language of my choice for the GUI tool. If you need something without .NET, maybe the command ine tool will fit this needs. Most PCs have .NET installed anyway, so even for a portable tool this is a reasonable choice .. and I don’t want to discuss .NET framework yes/no in 2022 anymore.

  5. David Says:


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