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USB Image Tool 1.60

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

After almost a year, the new USB Image Tool version comes with new features, that have been asked for. The first thing you might notice: USB Image Tool asks for admin rights already at startup. I changed that, because in most cases people want to make backups or restores in device mode. To manually start USB Image Tool with admin rights was confusing, even with that point mentioned first in the FAQ.

The second major change is, that USB Image Tool now supports non-removable USB devices. You can now make backups of your USB hard drives or special card readers.

The third change worth a special announcement is the new Reset-Button. It will overwrite the bootsector of the selected device with zeroes. This will cause Windows to reformat the device with it’s original size (USB Image Tool doesn’t do it). This should answer the questions, how to regain the original device size, after you have written a smaller image to a larger device.

There are more things that have been changed and fixed, which can be found in the changelog.

If you used parts of USB Image Tool in your own projects, please be aware of changed usbit32.dll export functions and license.txt. Projects with official permission to use usbit32.dll are atv-win, Raspbmc, and XBian. If you are using parts of USB Image Tool and your project is not listed here (or I missed your project in my mail archive), please contact me via email, comment or forum post.

Download USB Image Tool 1.60