USB Image Tool 1.74

The new version of usb Image Tool fixes two small bugs and adds a logging option. Also new is the option to fill up the remaining space of an USB device after restore with zeroes to overwrite the old GPT backup partition table at the end of the device. The download can be found here:

Download USB Image Tool


7 Responses to “USB Image Tool 1.74”

  1. Argolance Says:

    Thank you for this great program!
    Just a question: do you plan to translate it to other languages than English?
    Best regards.

  2. ed Says:


  3. Alex Says:

    @Argolance: I did some tests with other languages. It might be possible in the future.

  4. Laurent Says:

    Hello, thanks for this useful tool !
    Is there a way to avoid creating a 30Gb image file when creating an image of a 32Gb USB key which contains only 10Gb of data ?
    I saw no option related to ‘bootable’ keys. My USB being bootable, will the image contain boot info and therefore, if I create another USB key from that image, will it be bootable as well ?

  5. Alex Says:

    @Laurent: Please try compressed images. More info is in the FAQ. Please see forum and correspondig page for that. Device mode will contain the boot sector.

  6. Peter Says:

    Nice tool so far. But i wonder is it open source? Is the source code available somewhere?

  7. Alex Says:

    @Peter: It’s freeware, but not open source. Please see license.txt.

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