AutoplayMM 1.00

AutoplayMM is, as you can guess by the name, a free Windows AutoPlay menu. It uses a XML script and bitmaps to generate an interactive menu, useful for installers and splashscreen menus. The page with detailed information will be up soon. Until this, you can take a look at the sample and the DTD file to get a basic idea of this software.

Download the core files (ZIP, 144 KB)

Download the sample (ZIP, 565 KB)

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2 Responses to “AutoplayMM 1.00”

  1. Carl Says:

    Confused about the Autoplaymm files. The two links for “core files” and for “sample” are identical, and the same zipped folder is at both locations. Is this intentional? Or are there actually two different files, but the links are not correct?


  2. Alex Says:

    You’re right. Thanks for noticing that for me. I fixed the links. I was sure I set them right, when I posted. Eventually they got confused with a WordPress update?

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