Building a custom app title bar with WinUI3

While I was working on a new project’s UI style, I wanted to have it using a custom title bar. I followed the description on, but came up with an unwanted coloring of the title bar. In the end, the guide was correct, but did not show the correct setting for transparency in the code samples.

This app demonstrates the necessary steps to activate the custom title bar with the desired coloring and also the necessary adjustments for using the NavigationView back button in the app title bar.

You can find a the code sample on here:


  • After almost a year, the new USB Image Tool version comes with new features, that have been asked for. The first thing you might notice: USB Image Tool asks for admin rights already at startup. I changed that, because in most cases people want to make backups or restores in device mode. To manually start USB Image Tool with admin rights was confusing, even with that point mentioned first in the FAQ.

    HI, Alex, Why I have downloaded the USB Image Tool 1.9, and run it with admin rights must?

    • @Wang Yi: USB Image Tool is a low-level system utility. To access a flash drive on device level, admin rights are required by Windows.

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