New theme for alex’s coding playground

After 15 years I decided it was time to use a new theme for alex’s coding playground. The old theme was a slighly modified version of the 2008 default WordPress theme. Main reasons for the change: The layout was not responsive and just too small for modern displays.

As I didn’t want to spend extensive time in building my own theme from scratch and default WordPress themes seem to have abandoned a two column design and were not flexible enough, I did some research on modern WordPress themes.

Of course I quickly found the usual suspects like Astra and Nebula, but I wanted a simple, free yet customizable theme without the need for further plugins. After some research I stumbled upon the Highstarter theme, which catched me with the nice parallax scrolling header image and a default two column design, which matched my imaginations of an up to date version of the old theme. Altough it’s not perfect (I miss some customization options like showing the full post hiding the read more button and the page button colors seem to ignore the color settings), it does the job pretty well.

I also used this as a occasion to reorganize the pages and group the old inactive projects under a Older projects page. Although these projects are not active anymore and probably not of any big relevance, I wanted them to keep them online for nostalgic reasons.

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