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USB Image Tool 1.31 released

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Version 1.31 includes bugfixes for the user interface and compression routines. The zip compression routines, used by USB Image Tool (XZip based on Info-ZIP/zlib 1.1.3), may lead to corrupted images. When creating a compressed backup, USB Image Tool now checks the compressed image to ensure it is not corrupted. I’m assuming it has to be connected with the compressed image exceeding the 2GB limit. Raw images are not affected by this problem. If you encounter this problem, I recommend to backup your USB device as a raw image and manually compress/decompress it with the compression tool of your choice.

Because XZip is not being maintained frequently anymore, I think I have to switch to new compression routines. Any recommendations for an easy-to-use zlib wrapper or any other PKZIP compatible compression library are welcome. Requirements are either a static library (no DLL) with support for cancelletion and progress reporting, or a modifiable source code. Also its copyright should allow usage in closed-source freeware application.

USB Image Tool 1.30 released

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

The new version introduces the device mode, which is intended for bootable devices and USB devices, formatted with a file system unknown to windows. If you want to clone a pendrive Linux, you have to use the device mode to make the new USB device bootable. Also a small error in the command line utility has been fixed, that made the application crash when creating compressed images with just specifying a file name.