Download USB Image Tool 1.74 (ZIP, 374 KB)

These previous versions can still be downloaded.

Download USB Image Tool 1.72 (ZIP, 365 KB)

Download USB Image Tool 1.70 (ZIP, 251 KB)

Download USB Image Tool 1.69 (ZIP, 275 KB)

Download USB Image Tool 1.62 (ZIP, 216 KB)

Download USB Image Tool 1.59 (ZIP, 224 KB)

Empty bootsector

Use this empty bootsector if you want to reformat your device when you have written multiple partitions on you flash drive and Windows doesn’t recognize the full device size anymore. Just restore it in device mode. With version 1.60 this feature is included (Reset-Button).

Download empty bootsector (IMG, 512 Byte)

Important notice

USB Image Tool requires the .NET Framework 4.0 and Windows XP or higher. The usbit32.dll included in the archive must be in the same directory as the EXE file. The command line utility doesn’t require the .NET Framework nor the usbit32.dll.

Microsoft .NET Framework


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