Cannot run the program on Pentium 3

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Cannot run the program on Pentium 3

Post by __Vano »

XP SP3 x32, Pentium 3 with 768MB, running v.1.70 as admin.

The tool is started but is inoperable: the drive list is empty and pressing refresh/settings flags does nothing.
No error messages are printed.
usbitcmd.exe crashes on start without printing anything.

My guess is that the program or its native module were compiled against i686 (SSE2+) and thus "illegal instruction" exception is thrown.
If XP support is claimed, it may be more reasonable to stick to the XP system requirements ( , Pentium1+).
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Re: Cannot run the program on Pentium 3

Post by Alex »

You're right. USB Image Tool is currently compiled with VS2013. With default options, it uses SSE2 extensions. It won't run on anything prior to Pentium 4/Athlon 64.
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