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USBit 1.8.3

Post by btt »

Been using version 1.8.1, but getting random errors when restoring a .img.gz file "Could not write to the USB device (Code: 27)!" all indications are the restore works. Seen that you had a new version and decided to see if it behaved differently. The USB drive is a WINPE bootable device and trying to run this on windows 10.

Running the software to Backup a device seems to work, but when restoring it the app crashes. All indications are that I have a newer version of .net then 4.7 based on registry entry and also even trying to install .net 4.7. The unexpected thing is in this event it says the Framework Version is v4.0.30319 so not completely sure of what is happening to cause the crash.

Part of Event log error:
Application: USB Image Tool.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.AccessViolationException
at USB_Image_Tool_Helper.Usbit32.Restore(UInt32, UInt32, System.String, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, UInt32, UInt32 ByRef, UInt32 ByRef)
at USB_Image_Tool_Helper.Working.Restore()

Any ideas on if I'm missing something on my computer that is required?
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Re: USBit 1.8.3

Post by Alex »

With version 1.80, I switched to .NET 4.7. All .NET versions from 4.5 should be backwards compatible, so probably there is no need to install an older .NET version. If possible please, try with new version 1.84. There was an issue with the zlib compression lib during the verify, maybe there has been than one bug. I will try to find out more with own tests. Maybe I can get this to happen during my tests as well.
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