V1.7.6.0 Error Code 6

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V1.7.6.0 Error Code 6

Post by SlappyMcPhee »

I am attempting to write a .img file to a newly formatted SD card to NTFS. I first tried with using the formatting built in to Windows 10 and got the error:

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Could not update disk properties (Code: 6)! The handle is invalid
I thought that perhaps since the card was used previously for a multi partition linux image that instead I need to clean the card so I used Diskpart performing clean, creating partition, made it active, formatted it fat32, assigned a drive letter. This still has the application returning the same error.

I also tried other img files with the same results. I then tried with another SD card and then same.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Host machine is 64 bit Windows 10 1809 (OS Build 177763.615)
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Re: V1.7.6.0 Error Code 6

Post by ArtemS »

Same here.
Windows 7 64-bit.
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Re: V1.7.6.0 Error Code 6

Post by jazz »

Hi, I recently experienced the same problem. It turned out that "Linux Filesystems for Windows" by Paragon Software running in background was responsible for this as it mounted the Linux SD card in Windows and that interfered with USB Image Tool, most likely.

Eject the SD card, quit the Paragon and insert the SD card again. If that doesn't help, restart your Windows, quit Paragon and then insert the SD card. It worked for me, at least.
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