Using images with pxelinux

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Using images with pxelinux

Post by mike-d »

I'm trying to assemble a PXE boot server. I have everything in place except for a tool to create images of boot media. Since my boot disk is almost always a USB thumb drive these days, USBIT seemed like the perfect fit. I tried a "raw" (device mode) image, as well as both compressed versions (zip and gzip). The image is loaded by the PXE client/target, but when it tries to boot, I'm told it's not a valid boot disk. Is USBIT's raw image format identical to what I'd get if I used the Linux/UNIX "dd" command to copy the raw blocks from the USB media to a file?

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Re: Using images with pxelinux

Post by Alex »

In devcie mode, USB Image Tool should produce the same result as dd. It saves everything from the device beginning with the boot sector. I tried it successfully with an Ubuntu Linux on a bootable flash drive.
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