Support similar software?

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Support similar software?

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I have a compact flash card with data for my Simmons SDX drum machine on it. I need to know if it's possible to copy sector by sector from an alien format and store it to an image for backup purposes and then write it back to a compact flash card if anything goes wrong. The flash card does not show up in windows. USB image gives me I/O errors with this card, and if I use a Fat formatted compact flash card for testing USB image to see if it could work at all, before the image has been created I get a sector requested could not be found message. I have looked at dd and raw write etc but they either don't work in this case or they are just too complicated for me to use.

Any ideas anyone?

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Re: Support similar software?

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If it is not detected by USB Image Tool, you could try the detailed logging and debug output. If it does not show up in windows, it might indicate the SD card is formatted in a file system unknown to Windows, maybe even a vendor specific one. If the device is shown in USB Image Tool, at least the device is detected. To know, what is going wrong during backup, the detailed log and error messages would be helpful.
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