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Feature request Volume Name

Post by Karl »


USB Image ist a very nice tool. Thanks for making it!

Too it's so nice to define so freely the name of the resulting file.
But would like to select the user friendly "Volume Name", "Volume Serial Number" "Partition ID" of the USB Stick
as file name.
Those values are always visible for the user. And if i incidentilly wiped my USB boot stick after booting
dban in "quick" modes (zeros out all media it can write to...) i know that name of the stick to recover,
but that device numbers currently used?
And what if i ruined the stick mechanically(break it), those numbers do all change
with the ne USB Stick i need to create... i would never find the corresponding images...

I would be lucky if i could enter the values of the output of "vol" into the filename

Code: Select all

C:\Windows\system32>vol e:
 Datentraeager in Laufwerk E: ist dosboot
 Volumeseriennummer: 4567-1234
If there are more than one volume on a device,ok, that's another problem. So i have to choose a good name for the first volume.

Any takers?
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Re: Feature request Volume Name

Post by Alex »

I will add these variables with the next version.
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