{To Alex} My 2gb micro sd card now 1mb

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{To Alex} My 2gb micro sd card now 1mb

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Hi, I have a problem with restoring , following from your guide that relates to x3key. I have a 2gb micro sd and after restoring it with usb image tool on FW1.30.img my 2 gb micro sd default size is 0.97mb. I have tried formatting it with windows and my card is not 2gb. How do I fix this please? I have read from your thread with user having the same issue but I can’t locate the forum topic. Which is:

1. Alexadar Ivanov Says:
June 1st, 2010 at 4:49 am
After making the USB a bootable drive, I lost some space on it. I’ve tried formating with Full and Quick format, but still doesn’t work. My USB flash drive was 8GB and now it is down to 6GB. Please help me with this problem.
Thanks you,
2. Alex Says:
June 1st, 2010 at 7:50 am
Please take a look at the support forum. There is a topic, that describes, what to do.

Can you please navigate me to this forum page or better yet help me with this please.
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Re: {To Alex} My 2gb micro sd card now 1mb

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Please use the reset function in the newest version 1.62 and than reformat the device. You can also google for the HP USB Format utility and reformat your device with that tool.
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