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I tried to backup a FAT32 filesystem (4GB) of a MP3-Player. I dont know, what happend to the player, maybe the filesystem crashed, maybe it was formated. However I recovered some MP3-files. Before I copy them back to the player, I want to backup the device or the filesystem. But with usbit the Backup stops, because a timelimit is reached. The Backup stoped at the same point with usbit as with usbitcmd (67% = 2,7GB).

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D:\usbit1.62\usbitcmd b 2448 D:\MP3-4GB_device.img

USB Image Tool 1.62
COPYRIGHT 2006-2013 Alexander Beug

Creating backup for "Audio Player USB Device" (E:\)...failed
Error: Could not read from the USB device!
Code : 121 - Das Zeitlimit f³r die Semaphore wurde erreicht.
With DD command of Linux the seemed to stop at the same point, but after waiting 3 minutes the backup was finished.

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tux@slitaz:~$ dd if=/dev/sda of=/home/tux/Images/coby.img
8120240+0 records in
8120240+0 records out
tux@slitaz:~$ ls /home/tux/Images/coby.img
tux@slitaz:~$ ls -s /home/tux/Images/coby.img
4064092 /home/tux/Images/coby.img
Is it possible to increase the timelimit of usbit?
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Re: timelimit

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Looks like there is an read error on that device. I have to check that in detail, if you can instruct the Windows io system to wait longer for the data.
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