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bug found on usbit

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 3:35 pm
by mrmagic
Hello alex!

And thanks for this great tool that improves!

IHere is the bug:
I have made and bartpe XP image on a MEMUP usbkey, I have 4 keys the same made, same size.

I have made a image of the bartpe XP, it is around 1 953 000 (1,9GB)

I try to restore the image on the others key and I have the message:
"the image is too large for the selected image file!"

Question: how can it be as the 4 usb keys are same size?? It is a kind of bug, non??
Can the image take only the size of the amount of data and not the size of usb key? It will be better also!
Because....say....I have got a 10GO usb key, with 1GO of data on it....I make an image....I tried to reinjected on a 2GO usb key, it doen'st work.
Option: Truncate overzise image doesn't seems to work ;(

can you help that?

Re: bug found on usbit

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 3:40 pm
by Alex
Please check the FAQ and the other forum posts.
Is the device side of all 4 devices identical to the last byte?
What is the exact byte size of the image?
Is it identical to the device size?

The 2nd question about the data size has also been answered in FAQ and forum.

Re: bug found on usbit

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:51 pm
by mrmagic
Hello Alex,

I figured out what's wrong, these USB Key I used had a special boot to put a password on, there original size were 2GO from the manufacturer MEMUP and after format, some became 2MO.
I have format them, pb is, some usbkey the format went well, and some no, some became 2MO (yes 2MO usb key drive!!) All same manufacturer. I don't know why! :(
I have tried to clear them with the formater of windows seven, I have also tried Diskpart in command prompt, I have tried to wipe them with some partition manager like Easeus, Pqmagic, nothing would do!! ;(
Can you invent a way in your tool to low level format a usb drive to the maximum limit?
I have search far the web for a tool that does that....And didn't find anything concrete (and i've search a lot before).
Maybe you know yourself a tool that does that or can implement a power format tool in usbit?
It that way: before applying the image, usbit could power format the key and the imaging process would work properly.
I thing i'm the first one pointing that up.


Re: bug found on usbit

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:54 pm
by Alex
Please try HP Disk storage format tool (just google it). Still, if Windows reports the physical device size smaller than the other devices, there is not much you can do with formatting or partitioning. It will not increase the device size. However, the are flash drives, that come with special functionality (like U3). These can be usually switched to normal flash drives with vendor specific tools.