DiskXS is a tool to handle floppy disk images. It features viewing and deleting the content of any FAT formatted floppy disk image, as well as reading and writing images using a floppy disk drive.

DiskXS supports standard 1.44″ and 5.25″ floppies from 160KB upto 2.88MB. It can also handle non-standard floppy images (820KB, 1.68MB, 1.72MB).


Download DiskXS 0.71 (zip, 46 KB)


  • create, load and save RAW floppy images from 160KB upto 2.88MB (FAT12)
  • read images from floppy disks, write images to floppy disks (standard formats)
  • extract files from images
  • delete files in images (new)
  • view files in images
  • view cluster organisation
  • import/export bootsector and bootcode
  • long filename support


SuSE 9.0 bootdisk
DiskXS showing a SuSE 9.0 bootdisk image

Creating an image
Creating a 5.25 1.2MB floppy image

Writing an image
Writing an image to floppy drive A:


DiskXS 0.71b
– bugfix: not all files in a directory were displayed under some circumstances

DiskXS 0.70b
– added: delete files in images
– bugfix: view cluster organisation

DiskXS 0.60b
– added: extract files from images
– added: view files in images
– added: view cluster organisation
– added: improved error handling
– added: folder navigation bugfixes
– added: keyboard navigation support